Lamesa founded Revenge Lingerie with a vision to empower and inspire women through stylish, comfortable and luxurious lingerie that accentuates their natural beauty. 

Her passion for lingerie was cultivated during her 6 years as a bra fit specialist, where she enjoyed helping women find the perfect styles to make them feel confident and beautiful. She noticed that most women were buying lingerie for others rather than themselves, and realized there was an opportunity to cater to those who wanted to treat themselves.

Inspired by the stories and journeys of the women she helped, Lamesa decided to launch her own lingerie brand to make women feel like the best version of themselves through flattering, high-quality designs.

Revenge Lingerie was launched in 2019 to fulfill Lamesa's dream of empowering women through lingerie that accentuates their natural beauty, boosts their confidence and makes them feel like the goddess within. Her goal is to help women feel sexy, comfortable and confident - whatever their size, shape or story.